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The Ian Potter Foundation
Closing dates: Thursday 1st April 2021, 4:59pm AEST
Contact for further information: Squirrel Main -

The Ian Potter Foundation is a major Australian philanthropic foundation that supports and promotes excellence and innovation. Since 1964, The Ian Potter Foundation has contributed over $325 million to thousands of projects that respond decisively to key issues and develop our creativity and capacity as a nation.

Based in Melbourne, the Foundation grants nationally to support charitable organisations across four pillars:

  • Vibrant (arts)
  • Fair (e.g. employment for marginalised youth/people with disabilities and early childhood development)
  • Sustainable (biodiversity, land and water management)
  • Healthy (population-level health research and medical research equipment)

To learn more about the Foundation’s work please refer to our website: ianpotter.org.au