The AES Pathways Committee is excited to announce the launch of the AES Group Mentoring Pilot. The pilot is a response to the high level of demand for mentorship from members recorded in the membership survey for the 2019–22 strategic planning process.

The AES Group Mentoring Pilot is an online mentoring program, in which seasoned evaluators guide less experienced mentees through their professional journey. Additionally, mentees with diverse experiences can learn from other mentees in pursuit of a common learning goal and develop their support network in the evaluation field. A detailed program guide can be found here.

Who can be a mentee?
How will participants be selected?
What is the timeline?
Will the pilot be evaluated?
How to apply

Meet your mentors and groups

For the pilot, four AES Fellows have volunteered to act as mentors to a small group of mentees. Each mentor will meet with a group of up to five mentees once a month over the course of six months. Further details on each mentor's biography and focus area can be found in the 'Meet your mentor' section.

The structure of each group’s mentorship program will be flexible, depending on the mentor’s specialisation focus, and needs and goals of the mentees involved. It will be up to the mentor and mentees in each group to negotiate a mutually agreeable format and common goal..

Mentor biographies and group foci

Scott Bayley

Rick Cummings

Penny Hawkins

Alan Woodward