1. Nomination

There is no prescribed format for the nomination, but it must cover all the following areas:

  • The nomination is a summary explanation of why the team, organisation or individual should be given the Award. It must not exceed seven [7] pages.
  • Please include information about the contribution the nominated project, organisation or person has made to attaining the objectives of the Award for which the nomination is made.
  • Please address the relevant assessment criteria and attributes and refer to evidence to support the claims made (see below).
  • Nominees should be confident that the evaluation team/person has not caused any major negative effect on stakeholders or agencies through their evaluation work or products.

Accepted formats: Word, PDF


  • Evidence to support the nomination should be provided, preferably via a link (URL) to electronic forms of documents.
  • Where relevant, the nomination should also refer to particular locations, e.g. page numbers, in supporting documents.
  • The evidence presented in support of the nomination will demonstrate excellence in its conceptualisation, design, implementation and reporting, along with exemplary professionalism and explicit adherence to the AES Code of Ethics and Guidelines for the Ethical Conduct of Evaluations.
  • In all but the most exceptional cases, evidence in support of the nomination will include statements of support by third parties such as the commissioners of the evaluation and/or representatives of the evaluand.

Download 'Information on nominations'

2. Online nomination form

The nomination form collates contact and nomination details. It has an upload button to submit the nomination and authorisation documents. The form can be found in the nomination portal. A guide how to complete the form is included in Appendix C of 'Information on nominations'.

Note: Nominations for 2021 are closed.

3. Authorisation form

Depending on the Award, the nomination must signed by a number of authorised signatories. The authorisation form can be downloaded below for distribution among signatories. A guide how to complete the form is included in 'Information on nominations'.

The completed form can be uploaded as several documents if signatories are signing separately – accepted formats: PDF, png, jpg

Download authorisation form