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The Ian Potter Foundation
Deadline: Monday 1st April 2019
Contact for further information: Squirrel Main This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The Ian Potter Foundation is a major Australian philanthropic foundation that supports and promotes excellence and innovation. Since 1964, The Ian Potter Foundation has contributed over $200 million to thousands of projects that respond decisively to key issues and develop our creativity and capacity as a nation.

Based in Melbourne, the Foundation makes grants nationally to support charitable organisations that encompass a broad range of endeavours, including:

  • Arts
  • Community Wellbeing (e.g., employment for marginalised youth, people with disabilities)
  • Education (early childhood)
  • Environment & Science (biodiversity, land and water management)
  • Health & Medical Research

While each program area has its own grant-making priorities and objectives, the Foundation’s general principles are to fund prevention rather than cure, and to support and encourage excellence. We also look for innovative solutions and ideas, and assess the long-term sustainability of the projects we support.

As such, many of the projects that we fund are evaluated, and often grantees approach us enquiring for evaluators. To this end, we are issuing our annual call for evaluators interested in being listed in The Ian Potter Foundation’s Evaluator Pool (TIPFEP). We use TIPFEP to recommend evaluators to our grantees with the objective of producing high-quality evaluation reports that will lead to projects leveraging ongoing funding (from government, social enterprise or other foundations). While we welcome applications across all our areas, current needs are particularly high for art evaluations as well as the skill of capacity building (e.g., running trainings and/or working alongside grantees).

Ultimately, we may ask the grantees use only TIPFEP evaluators, but at this point we simply wish to be able to make recommendations.

If you are interested in being a member of TIPFEP, please send in the following:

1) Your CV/website link.

2) A sample of your work. 


  • Experience writing for Government (state/commonwealth) audiences 
  • Error-free, clear writing 
  • Financial/economic/SROI skills (can be subcontracted) 


  • Sample clearly meets AIFS CfC evaluation criteria for inclusion
  • Example of capacity building
  • Evidence of racial equity (e.g., in terms of staffing, mentoring)

3) Home office location. Please include your interest in accepting interstate jobs.

4)  Your general availability in 2019-20.

5) Your fee range. Please select at least one of the three options listed at the end of this document.

Material should be sent to Squirrel Main at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please ensure you have permission to share the work prior to emailing it. Please be aware that (unless specifically noted as confidential) your work samples/CV may be shared with grantees and other foundation staff who use TIPFEP.

If you are already on TIPFEP, there is no need to re-apply. Prior applications will be re-assessed against the current submissions.

Deadline Monday, 1 April 2019, 4:59pm AEST (please note our server size has a maximum of 10k. Dropbox is an option). This is a hard deadline. Announcements Monday, 3 June 2019. Limited feedback may be provided upon request, and evaluators whose work is not chosen in 2019 will be welcome to re-apply with new material in subsequent years.

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