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Looking for an evaluator?

The Consultants' directory is an online database of members providing commercial evaluation services which enables you to:

  • locate an Australian or New Zealand based evaluator who is a current member of the AESand therefore who is bound by the AES Code of Ethics
  • search for listed evaluators both alphabetically and by region
  • disseminate tender/project related documentation and receive responses from evaluators that can:
    • scope the parameters and requirements of an evaluation and provide guidance on the development of procurement documentation,
    • conduct evaluations across a wide range of sectors in Australasia and internationally,
    • provide customised training in a range of evaluation core competency areas at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels, and
    • provide peer review and peer support to evaluation processes.

Access the Consultants' directory.

Interested in listing in the Consultants' directory?

  • The directory suits AES members involved in consulting and project work.

  • It offers online listing of your personal or company details and areas of expertise that can be accessed by a range of Australian, New Zealand and international agencies.

  • You can easily access information about professional colleagues that you can approach to form teams or collaborations, and who may approach you.

  • You will receive notice of procurement documentation sent to the AES.

  • The list is the main resource used by the AES to actively promote evaluators available to undertake commercial evaluation services to the purchasers of evaluations.

For more information contact the AES office. To be listed on the Consultants' directory complete this registration form online.

Disclaimer: Inclusion in this listing does not constitute an endorsement by the AES or its Board. Users should take their own steps to ascertain the appropriateness and quality of the services offered. The AES encourages its members to use the AES Guidelines for the Ethical Conduct of Evaluations. Members are bound by the AES Code of Ethics.