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The principal aim of the publication of Evaluation Reports series is to share examples of reporting styles. While there are many opportunities to access scholarly articles in academic journals, there has been little systematic access to working evaluation reports.

These reports are designed to be of benefit to members who might be undertaking or commissioning evaluation studies.  We also expect this series to be of benefit to students who are expected to undertake evaluation projects as part of their studies.

As such the Evaluation Reports series is designed to be complementary to other publication forms offered by the AES.


Anthea Rutter 

Guidelines for contributors

Download the guidelines for contributors. 

Report: Money Making Mums

Commissioned by: Meat and Livestock Australia
Undertaken by: Roberts Evaluation Pty Ltd
Date of report: September 2003


The pilot workshop, Money Making Mums, was held on the 4th September 2003 at the Department of Primary Industries Research Institute at Rutherglen, Victoria.  There were 20 participants, 6 women and 14 men.  The age range of the group was from age 30 to over 50 years of age.  The participants were sheep farmers from Victoria.

This workshop is one of many offered by the education arm of Meat and Livestock Australia, the industry organisation that carries out research and development for the beef and sheep meat  producers of Australia.  We evaluated it in its final phase as a pilot

The workshop presentation was measured against the stated learning objectives, principles of adult learning, participation and action learning.  The accommodation of the different learning styles in the presentation was also evaluated.

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Report: Bushfire Recovery Initiative

Commissioned by: The Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment
Undertaken by: Roberts Evaluation Pty Ltd
Date of report: December 2005


This evaluation was carried out for the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment and centred of the recovery effort after the 2003 fires in the Alpine regions of Victoria. Many government agencies were involved in the recovery effort and this evaluation sought to find a smooth transition from suppression (fighting the fire) to recovery given that roles and personnel within these agencies change with the transition. This evaluation should be seen in light of other activities currently being undertaken by the Department of Sustainability and Environment, such as the Public Land Fire Initiative and the work on Operational Fire Management.

The main purpose of this evaluation was to identify how future bushfire and other recovery efforts could be structured, governed and managed. Part of the evaluation also outlined planning arrangements for future emergency events, and these arrangements are applicable to events beyond bushfires.

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Report: Subtropical Dairy

Commissioned by: The Subtropical Dairy Program
Undertaken by: Roberts Evaluation Pty Ltd
Date of report: December 2006


The Subtropical Dairy Program is a regional, program of Dairy Australia which is a research and development corporation of the dairy industry in Australia. The Subtropical Dairy Program is itself divided into seven subregional groups that are scattered from Northern Queensland to Northern NSW, the area covered by the Subtropical Dairy Program.

The processes used by Subtropical Dairy to engage with its dairy farming community are evaluated each year. The evaluation activities vary slightly from year to year, and for 2006 they were:

  1. Review of 2005 evaluation recommendations.
  2. Monitoring of the experience of members of Regional Groups.
  3. Evaluation of views and opinions of the usefulness of Subtropical Dairy to those not directly associated with it.
  4. Evaluation of the strategies used by the Management Committee through a review of minutes of meetings and interviews with relevant members of the MC.
  5. Evaluation of the activities of the Technical Advisory Group. Evaluation of the Subtropical Dairy Annual Forum

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