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Welcome to the New South Wales online hub

For all members the New South Wales region offers regular informal meetings that include networking over drinks after a 1.5 hour professional development workshop/seminar. These events explore issues of interest to evaluation practitioners and to those commissioning or managing evaluations with a focus on connecting theory and practice in an interactive way, and are designed to leave you with new ideas and approaches to evaluation. Non-members are welcome to attend any of these events and activities and our live calendar of events is below.

The following sections provide committee information and below is the current calendar for the NSW workshops/seminar series run by the Committee. Non-members have limited access to the full range of features of the regional online hubs. Find out about the benefits of membership and how to join by clicking here.

For information about the New South Wales committee and its activities, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the interim Convenor Greg Masters. 

New South Wales Regional Network Committee 


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