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In deciding to become a member of the AES you are committing to two things:

  • to abide by the AES Code of Ethical Conduct, and
  • to support the AES Guidelines for the Ethical Conduct of Evaluations.

More information on and access to these documents is provided below.

Guidelines on Ethical Conduct of Evaluation and Code of Ethics (Revised July 2013)

The original Guidelines were endorsed by the Board of the Australasian Evaluation Society (AES) in December 1997, following a process of development and consultation with members over a number of years. Since early 1998 they have served as a training resource, and have been used by many organisations to inform their evaluation policies.

In December 2000 the Guidelines were incorporated into the AES Code of Ethics which applies to all AES members. Updated versions of the Code and Guidelines were endorsed in 2013

A printed copy of the Guidelines for the Ethical Conduct of Evaluations has been provided to all members of the Society. Additional copies are available at $11 each (incl. GST). Overseas orders are $10.

The following are available as downloadable PDF documents: please note these documents were last revised, and endorsed by the AES Board, in July 2013