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Date and Time: Wednesday, 20 July 2016, 5:30pm to 7:00pm
Venue: VicHealth Seminar Room, Ground Floor, 15‐31 Pelham Street, Carlton South
Presenter: Vanessa Hood, Rooftop Social
Register by: Monday, 18 July 2016

This is a free event

Do you have a story about an evaluation that makes a difference? Can you identify what attributes of this work make it really valuable? Is it possible to distinguish the impact of the evaluation from the impact of the project itself? If you don’t have a story of your own, are you keen to hear inspirational stories from other fellow evaluators? If any of these questions intrigue you, then this session is for you!

‘Evaluations that make a difference: stories from around the world’ was a project funded by EvalPartners. It is a collection of 8 stories of evaluations that made a difference, not only from the perspective of the evaluator, but also from the commissioners and users. The project also looked at the factors that contribute to high quality evaluations that are used to improve programs’ and people’s lives. These stories were published during EvalYear 2015 and can be found at in English, Spanish and French.

The session will focus on the lessons that emerged during the project about what makes an evaluation useful. Participants will be given the opportunity to consider how these lessons may inform their work.

Participants will also be encouraged to share their stories of evaluations that make a difference. The stories may come from work they have personally undertaken or evaluations completed by other people.

This will be an interactive workshop style session.

Vanessa Hood is a skilled facilitator and evaluator with over 15 years' experience in a range of contexts, particularly around behaviour change for sustainability. She works as a facilitator and evaluator with Rooftop Social and also has many years’ experience working in government organisations. Vanessa is passionate about working with people and uses a range of creative facilitation techniques to help participants engage deeply with technical content and, importantly, with each other.

AES Evaluator’s Professional Domain of Competence: This session addresses competency 1: evaluative attitude and professional conduct.

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