Date and time: Monday, 1 August 2016 (moved from 20June), 9am to 5pm (registration from 8.30am)
Location: Saxons Training Facilities, Level 6, 500 Collins Street, Melbourne
Presenter: Dr Jess Dart, Founder Director, Clear Horizon Consulting Pty Ltd
Register online by: Wednesday 27 July 2016
Fees: Members $440, Non-members $605, Student member $220, Student non-member $302.50

The increasing move towards 'management by results' means there is an ever increasing pressure for agencies and organisations to be able to tell a clear and powerful results story. This pressure is building across many agencies in Australia, and in particular at the Commonwealth Government level with the introduction of the enhanced Commonwealth performance framework. With this has comes the request for "evidence-based performance stories".

This one-day workshop introduces the concept and method of performance story.

The term 'performance story' was introduced by John Mayne in a paper published in 2004. The encyclopaedia of evaluation defines a performance story as:

Essentially a short report about how a program contributed to outcomes. Although they may vary in content and format, most are short, mention program context and aims, relate to a plausible results chain, and are backed by empirical evidence (Dart and Mayne, 2005).

Performance story reports aim to strike a good balance between depth of information and brevity. They aim to be written in accessible language and help build a credible case about the contribution a program has made towards outcomes or targets. They help teams and organisations to focus on results and also provide a common language for discussing different programs.

This workshop will explore different approaches to performance story, and how performance story reports are developed. It will outline steps to building a report and explore the role of program logic and evidence in developing the report. It will be an interactive and engaging workshop involving case studies and group process.

Who should attend?
This workshop is aimed at anyone who is interested creating or commissioning a performance story at the project, program or organisational level. It caters for beginner to intermediate level. For those people who know of Jess Dart's work with the Most Significant Change technique (MSC) it is important to be clear that this workshop is not about MSC, but about an approach to reporting on results at a whole-of project or program level using multiple lines of evidence.

About the presenter
Jess Dart's professional interests are in evaluation methods, evaluation theory, collaborative approaches, and strategic planning. She has a PhD in program evaluation and an MSc in Sustainable Agriculture. Her doctoral research involved adapting and testing a story-based monitoring and evaluation tool named the 'Most Significant Change' technique (MSC). She went on to co-author the user-guide with Rick Davies. Jess is the founder of Clear Horizon Consulting a medium sized consulting company specialising in evaluation and strategy.
Jess has an extensive experience in performance story approaches. In 2008 to 2012 she championed the 'performance story reporting' pilot process with two divisions of the commonwealth government which led to over 20 performance story reports being written. She also developed a particular approach to documenting and creating performance stories named "Collaborative Outcome Reporting (COR).

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