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World Vision, Oxfam Australia, AES proudly presents

Date and Time: Wednesday 18th March 2015, from 2:00pm to 4:30pm
Venue: Conference Room, Ground Floor Oxfam Australia, 132 Leicester Street, Carlton VIC 3053
Presenters:Meghan Cooper, ACFID Anne Markiewicz, Anne Markiewicz and Associates
And a representative from Save the Children
Register online by 13th March 2015 

oxfamNGOs care about ethics. This is reflected in values and principles which typically guide organisational charters and program strategies. Commitments to values such as respect for people and promoting equity are commonly identified. Putting such ethical principles into practice involves a range of challenges, as exemplified in the field of evaluation. Evaluation demands much of stakeholders in terms of contribution of ideas, perspectives and aspirations. But without ethics guidance the process can do significant harm, while also putting at risk the reliability and usability of results. Moreover, for NGOs World Visionimplementing systematic and practical approaches to ethics in evaluation can be challenging.

Our first seminar for 2015 focuses on these issues, representing the continuation of the seminar series supported by the Australasian Evaluation Society, and International NGOs (INGOs). A range of experienced practitioners will present their perspectives on the role of ethics in evaluation; provide insight to the guidelines and approaches used by evaluation societies (such as the AES) and NGOs to promote ethical approaches to evaluation; and also highlight practical examples and issues involved in their application

The seminar will involve presentation and plenty of opportunity for interaction, group work and discussion. Refreshments and an opportunity to network informally will follow the seminar.