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Date and time: Wednesday 21st November 2018 5.30 - 7.00 pm. After the seminar, please join the Vic committee for some wine, cheese and laughter, as we draw the 2018 seminar season to a close.
Topic: Avoiding Evaluation Disasters
Presenters: John Owen, Anne Markiewicz, Anthea Rutter
Venue: VicHealth Seminar Room, Ground Floor, 15‐31 Pelham Street, Carlton South
Register online by: lunchtime on Monday 19th November 2018

This is a free seminar organised by the VIC Regional Network Committee of the AES. Our monthly seminar series provides an opportunity for you to meet with AES members and others in Victoria and to share and learn from the experiences of fellow evaluators. Members are encouraged to bring along colleagues with an interest in the topic even if they are not yet members of the AES. Please pass this onto your colleagues and networks.

Seminar overview

Evaluation disasters – wouldn’t we like to learn strategies to avoid them? This Panel of three AES Fellows will discuss how an evaluator can sense when things are not going right and take preventative steps to correct a situation that is likely to otherwise lead to a disaster. This is a skill that all evaluators, especially those new to the profession, need to cultivate.

The Fellows will present a number of scenarios they have experienced in their long evaluation careers that could end in disaster and discuss strategies for resolving these tricky situations. Participants will be asked to also consider some scenarios and potential strategies for ‘heading disasters off at the pass’. This session will be informative, interactive and fitting for the last seminar at the end of the year…. fun! 

Presenters background

John Owen is interested in providing useful evaluation based knowledge to policy and program decision makers. His book: Program Evaluation: Forms and Approaches provides an integrated framework to evaluation theory and practice and has had favourable reviews worldwide.

Anne Markiewicz is Director of Anne Markiewicz and Associates, a consultancy that specialises in developing monitoring and evaluation frameworks, and the delivering of training, mentoring and capacity building in monitoring and evaluation. Anne is the co-author of the text book ‘Developing Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks’ (SAGE 2016).

Anthea Rutter is a Research Fellow in the Centre for Program Evaluation at The University of Melbourne. She has extensive experience working with a wide range of community, state and national organisations. She is particularly knowledgeable and experienced in qualitative research across a range of sectors.

AES Evaluator’s Professional Domain of Competence:

This seminar relates to the Evaluative Attitude and Professional Practice; Culture, Stakeholders and Context & Interpersonal Skills


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