Date and time: Thursday 29th November 2018, 9am to 5pm (registration from 8.30am)
Location: Waratah room at Adina Apartment Hotel Melbourne, 189 Queen Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000
Facilitator: Deborah Rhodes
Register online by: 26th November 2018
Fees (GST inclusive): Members $440, Non-members $605, Student member $220, Student non-member $302.50

About the workshop

The context for this workshop is the idea that different cultural values have an influence on the notion and practice of evaluation in diverse contexts.  In practice, the workshop aims to support evaluators who undertake evaluations in multi-cultural settings or in cultural contexts other than their own.  It provides a framework for understanding cultural value differences and an opportunity for discussion about the implications of this framework for evaluation practice.  The workshop proposes a set of approaches, skills and tools that may be useful. 

Workshop content

The workshop focuses on understanding the implications for evaluators of different cultural values, in terms of our roles, skills and approaches/tools.

The content includes:

Workshop Outcomes

Learning outcomes include:

PL competencies

This workshop aligns with competencies in the AES Evaluator’s Professional Learning Competency Framework. The identified domains are:

Who should attend?

Evaluators who work in multi-cultural settings or cultures other than their own as well as those interested in the interface between evaluation and cultural values, may be interested in attending.

About the facilitator

Deborah Rhodes has a long-established independent consulting practice in international development and has undertaken many evaluations of aid programs in Asian and Pacific countries.  Working with diverse clients, she has navigated and reflected on different expectations and understandings of the concept of ‘culturally appropriate’ evaluation practice.  

Deborah is increasingly asked to provide advice and training in Australia for organisations working in multi-cultural settings.  


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