Date and time: Wednesday 15th August 2018 5.30 - 7.00 pm
Topic: Enhancing the effect of evaluations on program and organisational learning
Presenter: Farida Fleming, Assai
Venue: VicHealth Seminar Room, Ground Floor, 15‐31 Pelham Street, Carlton South
Register online by: lunchtime on Monday 13th July 2018

This is a free seminar organised by the VIC Regional Network Committee of the AES. Our monthly seminar series provides an opportunity for you to meet with AES members and others in Victoria and to share and learn from the experiences of fellow evaluators. Members are encouraged to bring along colleagues with an interest in the topic even if they are not yet members of the AES. Please pass this onto your colleagues and networks.

Seminar overview

Evaluation is a tool organisations use to examine whether their programs and policies work, and how they work for different people in different circumstances. Interest in evaluation is widespread, across sectors and types of organisations, and there is much investment in evaluation in international development.
However, while evaluation is useful, its effectiveness can be limited. Evaluations are generally conducted on single programs, while organisations now need to understand their effectiveness across multiple interventions or thematic areas.
As a consequence, there has been a growing interest in developing monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) systems to address these limitations. MEL systems draw from monitoring data and individual evaluations to reach conclusions about program and organisational effectiveness. However, there is a lack of clarity about how these MEL systems might best work.
This session explores how MEL can improve practice, increase organisational effectiveness, and thereby justify the resources it consumes. The session will present approaches and strategies that foster behaviour change. The emphasis will be on embodied, power-conscious and collective learning approaches and strategies.
The approach and strategies being presented were developed through case studies of two INGO learning systems.

Presenter background

Farida Fleming is an evaluator with 20 years' experience in international development. Farida has worked with donors, NGOs and government departments to design and implement evaluation systems. Farida has a passion for evaluation that changes how people and organisations work.

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