Date and time: Friday 18 August 2017, 9am to 5:00pm (registration from 8.30am)
Location: Room 8 - Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne 3000 (near Queen Victoria Market)
Presenter: Jess Dart, Clear Horizon Consulting
Register online by: Tuesday 15th August 2017
Fees: Members $440, Non-members $605, Student member $220, Student non-member $302.50


Increasingly, public and private sector organisations are seeing the importance of reaching out to communities to engage, consult, co-design and collaborate on policy, programs and other decisions. Engagement is a pivotal part of many programs. Unleashing the power of evaluation supports the realisation of the full benefit of engagement processes.

While the logic of evaluating engagement is consistent with that of program evaluation, there are some unique challenges to overcome to effectively evaluate engagement. The challenges include dealing with the influence of squeeky wheels, engagement fatigue and challenges around attribution.

Workshop Content

To address these issues, this training offers a practical set of steps for evaluating engagement processes as well as a set of principles. Participants will be invited to create an evaluation plan for a case study. This training builds upon IAP2 Australasia’s approach to community and stakeholder engagement.

Domains of the AES Evaluators Professional Competency Framework addressed in this workshop
Who should attend

This is pitched at beginner level to intermediate, and would be relevant to people who wish to evaluate their community or stakeholder engagement efforts.

Workshop Outcomes

The 5 key learning outcomes from this training are:

  1. Understand the basics of engagement evaluation
  2. Understand how to scope an engagement evaluation
  3. Learn some useful criteria for evaluating engagementJess Dart
  4. Learn a set of practical steps to select appropriate methods for evaluation
  5. Create a skeleton evaluation plan for a case study engagement project
Workshop Presenter

Inventor of practical methodologies and highly demanded facilitator, Jess Dart has over 25 years of involvement in evaluating and designing social change programs in Australia and overseas.
With regard to engagement evaluation, Jess has a long history of evaluating engagement and in 2015 she, together with Anne Patlillo was invited to develop this tailored training module for the International Association of public participation (IAP2).

Jess is the founder of Clear Horizon Consulting and today works as a principal consultant as well as being the Chair of the board of Directors. Jess is passionate about developing and designing real world methods and process for both program design and evaluation. After completing her PhD she co-authored the Most Significant Change (MSC) guide alongside Dr Rick Davies – which is now translated into 12 different languages.


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