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engagement unhurried 600

Date and time: Wednesday 5th August 2020 7.00 - 8.15pm AEST please see below for start times in your region

Facilitators: Frances Byers, Canberra regional committee member

Venue: Via Zoom. Details will be emailed to registrants just prior to the session start time

Register online by: noon on Tuesday 4 August. Places limited to 15 participants

The aim of the facilitated engagement sessions is to provide our members and the wider evaluation community with an opportunity to meet with their evaluation colleagues to stay connected and are able to share in a safe and confidential space.

Session overview

During the pandemic, Frances Byers is hosting Unhurried Conversation to provide AES members an opportunity to connect with each other, and talk to others outside their usual bubbles. In an unhurried conversation, there is time to think differently and connect with people in a refreshing way. Unhurried isn't always slow, but it has a pace where people find it easy to join in and not feel crowded out. And listening can be as satisfying as talking.

Unhurried conversations use a simple format. There is no agenda, but one key norm about how to take turns to speak. We lift up an everyday object (like a cup or pair of glasses) and whoever lifts it up it gets to talk. And everyone else listens. Which means the speaker won't get interrupted. When the speaker has finished, they put the object down, and some-else then takes a turn. Sometimes there are long pauses between speakers, sometimes not.

When you've finished speaking you are giving up control of what happens next. When the next person picks up the talking object they might follow on from what's been said or bring something new to the conversation. And they can hold the object and not they can hold silence until they're ready to speak.

The conversations often move between light topics and more personal and profound ones. And in the end, we often find that all these are connected.  Feel free to sign up for more than one conversation.

Want more unhurried conversations? Unhurried conversations were created by Johnnie Moore and are offered weekly online by unhurried enthusiasts in different parts of the world.

Please join from a quiet space. The format works best on a laptop but you can also join from a tablet or smartphone. Please update your RSVP if you can’t make it, as some unhurried sessions have wait lists.

About the facilitator

Frances Byers is a member of the Canberra Region Committee. Frances says “In addition to running AES Unhurried Conversations, I’ve been taking part in Unhurried Conversations hosted in Cambridge (United Kingdom) and Helsinki (Finland) for the past few months. Unhurried Conversations have helped me during the COVID-19 pandemic. I come away refreshed, and most people say they feel more connected and settled. I think of the AES Unhurried Conversations as an invitation to drop by my kitchen table on a Wednesday evening for a good chat. Every unhurried conversation is different from another.

Session start times
  • Victoria, NSW, ACT, QLD, TAS: 7.00pm
  • SA, NT: 6.30pm
  • Perth: 5.00pm
  • New Zealand: 9.00pm

The AES Engagement sessions - Unhurried conversation will be held weekly on Wednesdays on: 22, 29 July and 5, 12, 19 August 7.00pm to 8.15pm AEST


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