Evaluation of the Circles of Care Program, Mission Australia (deadline 23 May 2022)

Mission Australia
Closing dates: 23 May 2022

Project Tender details:
Mission Australia seeks to engage a skilled and experienced organisation or evaluation consultant/s to collaboratively design and deliver an evaluation of Circles of Care (CoC), a school-based integrated service model delivered at Inala, Acacia Ridge and Yarrabah in Queensland.

CoC provides early intervention and prevention school-based support to address the developmental needs of primary school aged children. CoC works within schools to deliver universal and targeted supports, evidence-based programs, short-term support, and referral processes for families, to build a circle or network around children and families. The objectives of the program are to:

  • Enhance student success at school, including attendance, social and emotional wellbeing, behaviour and achievement.
  • Build positive relationships between parent and schools.
  • Develop links between community agencies, schools and parents.


The purpose of the evaluation is to examine the appropriateness and effectiveness of CoC to:

  • Generate credible evidence that CoC contributes to improved outcomes for children, their families, the school, and community.
  • Assess the implementation of CoC overall and in different local context, including the appropriateness of service design, delivery, place-based approach and local adaptations to meet the needs of children and local schools.
  • Identity any barriers, enablers and service model components that are critical to outcomes and essential to the delivery of CoC in other communities.

The RPF document outlines the evaluation objectives, deliverables and timeframes.

Details of how to apply:
Proposals to be emailed to: Cherie Pereth, Impact Measurement and Evaluation Manager- Mission Australia | E:

Contact for further information:


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