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Closing date: Sunday 28th November 2021

JSS4D is seeking proposals from suitably qualified organisations to develop survey instruments and conduct fieldwork related to the PNG Community and Business Perception of Crime and Justice Service provision.

JSS4D Phase 2 is an Australian Government funded program to support the law and justice sector in PNG. The program seeks to support stakeholders to implement longer-term planning, consolidate development knowledge through M&E activities, and leverage additional resources for inclusive justice services, including from the private sector. Aligning with the CSEP, the JSS4D program will contribute to the GoPNG-GoA partnership goal of private sector development and human development in PNG, underpinned by a just, safe and secure society for all.

This Request for Tender is seeking an organisation, or consortium, to conduct fieldwork related to a community and business perceptions of crime, safety and justice services provision in 2021/2022. The study will be managed by the JSS4D Program in consultation with key stakeholders. The purpose of the survey is to:

  • capture community and business perceptions and levels of satisfaction with law and justice services of crime and safety in the five priority provinces, AROB and Port Moresby; and
  • determine the general level of satisfaction among citizens and the business community with law and justice services.

Details of how to apply:

Submissions of the Tender can be lodged either by email to or in hard copy to the Tender Box, Justice Services and Stability for Development, First Floor, Old Yacht Club Building, Champion Parade, P.O. Box 840, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

A copy of the tender document can be obtained from Wednesday 3rd November 2021 via . Any tender queries should be emailed to . All responses and clarifications will be emailed to all registered tenderers. 

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