Stepping Stone Clubhouse
Closing date: Tuesday 30th November 2021
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Queensland Health has commissioned Stepping Stone, in collaboration with the QMHC, to undertake an evaluation to measure the effectiveness of our programs in achieving evidence based outcomes.

The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Clubhouse programs in achieving increased quality of life of members, where quality of life includes:

  • Mental and physical wellbeing;
  • Relationships with other people;
  • Social, community, and civic activities;
  • Personal development and fulfillment; and
  • Recreation and fun.

Ideally, the evaluation will deliver a report that will provide an information base with which to leverage opportunities to advance and support the growth, development and sustainability of the organisation by identifying those programs that can be shown to yield significant net economic and social benefits to the community.

Details of how to apply:

See attached Schedule A below (Further Information) for details of how to apply.


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