Kantar Public

Kantar Public is one of the largest specialist research and evaluation agencies dedicated to the public sector. We have six offices across Australia.

We offer:

  1. Post-graduate qualifications and experience in all evaluation methods. We rigorously assess the appropriateness, implementation, impact, and value-for-money of programs and services, focusing on practical approaches that deliver useful findings.
  2. Lived experience working inside government and NGOs across all sectors. We are highly effective at engaging stakeholders, overcoming evaluation challenges and developing relevant recommendations suited to the public sector.
  3. Passion for multi-disciplinary co-design and capability-building. We work collaboratively with our clients and conduct training in experimental methods, participatory data collection, systems thinking, behavioural science, adaptive learning and economic analyses.
Level 6, The Bond, 30 Hickson Rd, Millers Point, Sydney, 2000, NSW, Australia