Impact Research New Zealand Limited

Impact Research New Zealand Limited (IRNZ) under the leadership of Dr Annie Weir, provides research and evaluation services by working in partnership with organisations in the social services, education and health sectors. IRNZ has supported Māori and Pasifika initiatives focused on working towards social justice. Research and evaluation contracts utilising a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods have ranged in duration from a few months to multi-year. Contracting agencies have included non-government organisations, philanthropic trusts, city councils and government ministries. IRNZ has conducted research to inform new initiatives; social impact research; formative, process and summative evaluations; as well as organisational reviews. IRNZ offers a Results Based Accountability consultancy and a “Dancing with Data” programme aimed at building organisational capacity.

PO Box 9591, Newmarket, 1149, Auckland, New Zealand