Curran Consulting: Enhancing Justice and Human Rights

Dr Liz Curran has been evaluating services since 2011. Her evaluation and research focus aims to assist services in building an evidence-base. She is Principal of 'Curran Consulting- 'Enhancing Justice and Human Rights' and is Melbourne based. She was 'expert research adviser' on the Law Council's Justice Project from 2018-2019. Published research includes: reports, peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters on outcomes, quality and effectiveness. Liz’s research focus: access to justice; effective legal practice; domestic human rights of people in disadvantage; building legal and advocacy capacity of community; impact and effectiveness of service delivery, legal ethics and clinical legal education. Her 2021 book, 'Better Law for a Better World' for Routledge UK includes a chapter on evaluation and its innovations informed by research and evaluation practice.