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Clear Horizon

Clear Horizon is a world-class, values-based company that collaborates with change makers to design and evaluate solutions for people, place and planet.

We pride ourselves on walking the talk, embedding learning and innovation into our work. From leading in methodologies like Most Significant Change, creating strategic learning for systems change initiatives, to developing digital solutions, we drive sector-wide transformative change.

We partner with leading agencies, service providers, philanthropies and social innovators to co-design and evaluate solutions:

  • People: Social issues including health, equality and inclusion, justice, education, Indigenous reconciliation, and humanitarian response.
  • Place: Place-based and community-led initiatives, disaster and climate resilience.
  • Planet: Sustainable global and natural systems, natural resource management, climate change mitigation and development effectiveness.

Our founding director, Dr Jess Dart received an award for “Outstanding contribution to Evaluation” in 2018 from the AES.  Jess along with Carina Calzoni and Lee-Anne Molony head up our management and consulting team.

129 Chestnut St, Cremorne, 3129, Victoria, Australia
+ 61 3 9425 7777