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beyond ... (Kathleen Stacey & Associates) Pty Ltd

Kathleen Stacey

beyond… has undertaken consultancy, research, evaluation, facilitation, strategic planning and training in the human services sector since 1998. Our work focuses on Indigenous business, health, mental health, family and community services, education and children’s services and youth. Our services demonstrate and promote integrity, accountability, imagination and new possibilities in the directions that clients wish to pursue, and in developing and implementing participatory approaches within our work.

beyond… engages in solo and collaborative work across a range of small and large-scale projects at local, state and national levels. We choose the most appropriate people to create project teams through nurturing relationships with a variety of consulting firms, research centres and colleagues with a diversity of expertise and interest areas.

16 Avenue Road, Cumberland Park, 5041, South Australia, Australia
08 8271 1903
08 8357 3570