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ARTD Consultants

ARTD is a leading Australian public policy consulting firm, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Over 30 years, we have successfully delivered over 1,600 consultancy projects—large and small—across a range of policy sectors.

Our core business is working with government agencies and non-government organisations to make evidence-informed policy decisions; co-design service models and delivery strategies; plan for, track and evaluate outcomes; and continuously improve performance.

Our clients tell us that they value our strategic orientation, rigorous methods and depth of evaluation knowledge, as well as our friendly approach and robust project management. Our work is highly regarded in the public policy sector and by our peers. We are an active member of procurement panels across Commonwealth and state governments and our staff and company have won numerous awards for our evaluation work.

Our staff come from a range of disciplinary and professional backgrounds, including government, education and training, community development, psychology and communications. This diversity enables us to compile teams with the right range of skills and expertise to complete individual projects.  

ARTD are committed to ensuring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander evaluators lead projects which affect Aboriginal lives. We are able to draw on the research strengths, knowledge and abilities of our Aboriginal staff and associates to ensure the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities are heard and help shape our projects.  

Mailing address:
P O Box 1167
Queen Victoria Building

4/352 Kent Street, Sydney, 2000, NSW, Australia
02 9373 9900