Systems Evaluation Theory Practice Implementation

Workshop: Systems Evaluation Theory – Practice & Implementation

Date and time: Thursday 2nd March & 9th March 2023, 10.00am 1.00pm AEDT (registration from 9.45am)

Venue: Via Zoom. Details will be emailed to registrants just prior to the workshop start time

Facilitators: Ralph Renger, Lewê Atkinson and Brian Keogh

Register online by: Wednesday 1 March 2023. Spaces limited to 25 participants.

Fees (GST inclusive): Members $260, Organisational member staff $375, Non-members $425, Student member $125*, Student non-member $210*
 * Students must send proof of their full-time student status to 

Workshop Overview

The practical application of systems thinking in a structured evaluation framework.

Based on Ralph’s recently released book – System Evaluation Theory: A Blueprint for Practitioners Evaluating Complex Interventions Operating and Functioning as Systems (Evaluation and Society)

Workshop Content

Using contemporary COVID19 case study scenarios we will be facilitating participants in the following key principles of the methodology.

Objective 1:  To understand the challenges in evaluating complex interventions.

Objective 2:  To understand why an approach grounded in systems is a path forward for evaluating complex interventions.

Objective 3: To learn how to use Systems Evaluation Theory (SET) to define and evaluate complex interventions operating and functioning as a system.



The workshop will include breakout sessions demonstrating application of SET for systems diagnosis and framing recommendations for system improvements in efficiency & effectiveness. MURAL will be used during breakout room sessions.

There will be some pre-work materials required to be completed by participants in order to enhance the workshop experience. There will also be an opportunity to apply the learnings to their own work/project context.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Understand what it means to think in terms of systems
  • Understand when a systems approach is appropriate
  • Understand how to use these systems principles to complete a diagnostic analysis of efficiency and effectiveness of any system

PL competencies

This workshop aligns with competencies in the AES Evaluator’s Professional Learning Competency Framework. The identified domains are

  • Domain 2 – Evaluation theory
  • Domain 3 – Culture, stakeholders and context
  • Domain 4 – Research methods and systematic inquiry
  • Domain 6 – Interpersonal skills
  • Domain 7 – Evaluation Activities

Who should attend?

Anyone facing the challenges of achieving efficient and effective collaboration and coordination of any system.

People who want to move their evaluation practice beyond the limitations of program logic.

Workshop start times
  • VIC, NSW, ACT, TAS: 10.00am
  • SA: 9.30am
  • QLD: 9.00am
  • NT: 8.30am
  • WA: 7.00am
  • New Zealand: 12.00pm

About the facilitators

For the last decade Dr Renger has been a Professor of Public Health in the Schools of Medicine at the University of Arizona and the University of North Dakota. He has spent over twenty-five years being responsible for evaluating local, state, national and international programs. These evaluations have covered a broad range of interventions. These evaluations have included:

  • Mining injuries prevention programs in Zambia
  • Deforestation alleviation programs in Brazil
  • Seasonal affect disorder programs in Alaska
  • Children’s social skills programs in Germany

Dr Renger has also carried out innumerable evaluations across the US and Canada. Dr Renger has published over 70 research articles in peer reviewed journals around the world. His experience in the field has made him aware and frustrated with the limitations surrounding the foundations to evaluation being established through program logics. Dr Ralph Renger also has a new book available here.

In 2014, he developed Systems Evaluation Theory. Since his first article on SET, he has collaborated and developed his theory with evaluation practitioners across the globe. 

For this workshop, he will be supported by Brian Keogh & Dr Lewe Atkinson, two Australian collaborators with Dr Renger in the development of SET.


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