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AES Members Providing Commercial Evaluation Services (AES Members only) Yes! I would like to include my consultancy profile on the web site. This will also entitle me to receive any requests for tenders which come through the AES Office. Up to 120 word profile Australian AES members AUD230.00 per annum (inc.GST) Up to 120 word profile New Zealand or overseas AES members AUD209.00 per annum (tax free) A. If you want your listing under Member(s) Name please provide name/s in order to be listed: B. If you want your listing under Organisation/Company Name please list it here: Name of AES member/s in the order to be listed C. Please provide your contact information for inclusion in the directory. Phone: Fax: Mobile: Email: Website: D. Please send your profile, up to 120 words. * NOTE: We will invoice you, pro rata, on receipt of this application, after which listings are billed in April on a per annum basis. I understand that the inclusion of this information in the AES Consultants listing on the AES web site is subject to the approval of the AES Executive and may be edited; that inclusion in the listing does not constitute an endorsement or accreditation of these services and the listing will contain advice to this effect; and that the Society reserves the right unilaterally to cancel or reject information which is not deemed to be in keeping with its aim of improving the theory, practice and use of evaluation. Protection Code:* Please enter the text shown in the image below. captcha code reload * Your email address:* Your name:* Postal Address:* Town/Suburb:* Post code:* Country:* State: Street Address (if different): Town/Suburb: Post code: Country: State: Listing type: * Please complete this form. Fields with * are mandatory. Email address for invoicing:*