During her evaluation career to date, Allison has successfully used skills and abilities from her previous experience in other sectors to conduct high quality evaluations, strengthen the evaluation field and support other emerging evaluators with whom she works. Allison is clearly an important part of her organisation, which itself is an integral part of the evaluation landscape in Australia.

The diversity of Allison's experience presented in the nomination shows that she is able to successfully apply good evaluation practice to several sectors and contexts. The very positive feedback of stakeholders who have worked with Allison is a testament to her professional standards and high quality of evaluation work. This diversity is impressive for a career of only a few years. In addition, the use of evaluation outputs which Allison has helped to produce demonstrates the high quality and relevance of the work. Delivering such high quality and varied results in addition to other organisational and evaluation capacity building activities is an excellent achievement.

The organisational and capacity strengthening activities that Allison has been involved with, particularly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, are important and show Allison’s leadership skills and ability to use these skills to strengthen the sector. In particular, Allison’s ability to build and maintain professional relationships with both internal and external stakeholders is impressive. A particular strength is Allison’s work on Aboriginal cultural safety including contributions to her Centre’s uptake of the AES Cultural Safety Framework and evaluation activities which have produced positive results for stakeholders. Allison has demonstrated a significant contribution to strengthening the sector and great potential for doing more of this in the future.