Value for Investment is an innovative, exemplary evaluation system that integrates theory and practice from evaluation and economic disciplines to inform judgements and decision making. Initially developed though Julian King’s doctoral research it is a flexible and collaborative approach that can be applied to all domains and program types.

The letters of support demonstrate it has elevated the thinking and approaches of a wide group of practitioners across varied domains of evaluation practice including organisations and projects such as: Oxford Policy Management (an international development consultancy), The Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation, the Australia Indonesia Partnership for Economic Development, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Australian Council for Education Research and Hikitia Consultants (a Māori evaluator). It has been used internationally including in New Zealand, Australian, Mozambique, Pakistan and the UK. It is highly practical and adaptable and promotes the use of mixed methods in value for money assessment for sense and decision making. It shifts the focus of value for money from costs and inputs to holistic, whole of program and system, considerations. Through the use of rubrics and multiple criteria to assess value for money it provides a robust mechanism to consider value and promotes the use of transparent evaluative reasoning. The Value for Investment integrated evaluation system is a significant contribution to evaluation theory and practice and is shared on an open access basis through the Oxford Policy Management’s value for money guide, Julian King’s published PhD dissertation, journal articles in American Journal of Evaluation, the Evaluation Journal of Australasia, New Zealand’s evaluation Journal Evaluation Matters, Evaluation and Program Planning, as well as open-access evaluation reports and blogs. It is also currently taught in the University of Melbourne’s Master of Evaluation program as a component of the course ‘Evaluation and Value for Money’ and in workshops through evaluation societies internationally. The Value for Investment system is an exemplary integrated evaluation system that has been implemented successfully in a variety of contexts and is a worthy recipient of the AES Evaluation Systems Award.