These Power Point presentations have been converted to Adobe Pdf files, and reduced to six slides to a page ( to reduce file sizes for downloading).

    • To enlarge slides on screen, either click on the Adobe enlarge button, or set the desired enlargement from the drop down menu on the Adobe tool bar, or select the zoom-in tool.
    • For full screen display, right click on the desired link and select Open in New Window
    • To print an enlargement, click the Adobe print icon, and set Advanced properties as follows:
      • Click on Advanced, uncheck Print as image and click OK.
      • In the Page Scaling drop down menu, select Tile all pages.
      • Set Tile Scale to 200%
      • This prints the slides one per sheet, but in a strange order. To print slides in the correct order select Properties -> Layout -> Rotated landscape
      • To return Adobe to default settings, first reset Page Scaling to None, then check Print as image click OK and reset your desired page layout.