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Notice to Australasian Evaluation Society Ltd Members

The AES is seeking nominations from financial members to fill four (4) Board Member vacancies:

  1. President (Three year term)
  2. Vice-President (Three year term)
  3. Treasurer (Three years term)
  4. One ordinary board member (Two year term)

All terms commence 20 September 2018.

Nominations close: 4:00 pm Wednesday 22 August 2018

The Board of Directors role is to oversee and provide strategic direction for the organisation.

In the year ahead the Board will work with members to develop a new strategy to inform the AES’s activities during the next three years.

To nominate for the vacant Ordinary Board Member position, please complete this form, and return, along with your nominee statement, (as per the instructions on the form) by 4:00 pm Wednesday 22 August 2018. Click here for the Board PDs.

The new board will be announced at this year's Annual General Meeting to be held on 20 September at Hotel Grand Chancellor Launceston, following the second day of this year’s annual conference.

Meetings and time commitment for Board members: 

  • The Board typically meets at least five times a year: initially face-to-face in September (at the annual conference), then again in November, March, May and July/August. 
  • The March, July, and November meetings are 1.5 to 2 day meetings held on a weekend at the AES offices in Melbourne, or one of the AES regions. Other meetings are teleconferences of approximately 2 hours. 
  • Board members are expected to Chair or co-chair an AES committee, and report their activities back to the Board. Committee details are here.
    Time spent on committee work is in addition to Board meeting times, and will vary depending on the nature of the committee
  • It is estimated that Ordinary Board members will spend between 12 and 14 days per year on Board activities (in addition to committees). Office bearers workloads will be greater than this.
  • In addition to the responsibilities of Ordinary Board members, the Treasurer leads the Finance and Audit committee, overseas the AES finances, and reports finance and risk to each Board meeting. Finance and Audit TORs.

Newly elected Board members will be encouraged to join continuing Board members, and AES committee leaders, to participate in a two-day Cultural Respect and Safety workshop in Launceston, 15-16 September.

Note: The AES is an Australian Public Company Limited by Guarantee and holds business, directors and officers liability, and professional indemnity insurance. (ABN 13 886 280 969, ACN: 606 044 624)