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Accountability of the Board

The Board is accountable to the Society's membership. All members of the Board must adhere to the requirements of the ACNC and the Australian Corporations Act 2001, as well as the provisions set out in the Society's Constitution and Policies.

Appointment of the Board

The Board consists of three named office bearers (President, Vice-President, and Treasurer) and three ordinary board members, all elected by the membership. The Board has the discretion to appoint up to three additional ordinary board members, ensuring that at least two members of the Board are Indigenous and taking into account the overall mix of knowledge, skill and attributes of Board members.

Role of the Board

While the Board has overall control of the Society, it is subject to the provisions of the Australian Corporations Act 2001, its obligations to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission and the AES Constitution. The Board delegates overall management to a Chief Executive Officer, and may delegate certain powers to committees of members. All Board positions are unpaid.

Board elections

Board elections are held each year during the month preceeding the AGM (usually August).

Board members 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Elected 2018 for 3 years, Board member since 2016


Australian Department of Social Services

Sue Leahy

Elected Sept 2019 for 3 years, board member since 2017

Vice President

 ARTD Consultants

Carina Calzoni

Elected Sept 2019 for 3 years

Treasurer  Clear Horizon Consulting

Sharon Clarke

Elected 2019 for 2 years, Booard member since 2015

Ordinary member

SA Health / Government of South Australia 

Susan Garner

Elected 2018 for 2 years

Ordinary member

 Garner Willisson

Kiri Parata

Elected 2019 for 2 years, Board member since 2017

Ordinary member  Research and Evaluation Consultant

Doyen Radcliffe

Appointed February 2020 for two years, Board member since 2016.

 Ordinary member  Community First Development

Charlie Tulloch

Appointed March 2020

Ordinary member Policy Performance


Board Compositions and Terms

The board consists of:

  • three elected office‐bearers, President, Vice-President, and Treasurer
  • three ordinary board members each of whom must be elected
  • up to three additional appointed board members

In determining the membership of the board, the board must use its best endeavours to ensure that at least two member of the board are Indigenous.

Board terms:

  • Office bearers, elected for three years terms (maximum of two consecutive terms)
  • Ordinary board members, elected for two year terms (maximum of three consecutive terms)

Board terms are for two years for ordinary board members and three years for office bearers, commencing from the AGM held in the year of their election.

Contacting the Board

You are welcome to contact AES Board members via the email contacts above or through the Chief Executive Officer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or PO Box 476, Carlton Sth, Vic, 3053.

Written correspondence to the Board or a Board member should be directed through the AES Office.